Kmart 4003

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Kmart #4003
Store number4003
LocationLa Rinda Plaza
Address14701 West Rinaldi Street
CitySan Fernando, California
OpenedJanuary 25, 1962
ClosedDecember 31, 2000
Retail floor area24,000 square feet (2,200 m2)
Coordinates34°06′22″N 118°10′31″W / 34.106195°N 118.175155°W / 34.106195; -118.175155Coordinates: 34°06′22″N 118°10′31″W / 34.106195°N 118.175155°W / 34.106195; -118.175155

Kmart #4003[1] was a Kmart discount department store located at the La Rinda Plaza shopping center, at 14701 West Rinaldi Street in San Fernando, California. The store opened January 25, 1962[2] and closed on December 31, 2000.[3] The 24,000-square-foot (2,200 m2) "bantam This is a link to a Wikipedia article" store was the first store the S.S. Kresge company opened under the Kmart name.[4] The location was originally intended to be a regular Kresge variety store, but the company decided to test its discount department store concept on a small scale before the first full-size Kmart store opened in March.[5]

The La Rinda Plaza shopping center, where the Kmart store was located, was originally known as Discount City, U.S.A., and was advertised as "the nation's first shopping center to start from scratch with an all-discount policy".[6]

It is unknown if this small store ever received the 1990 logo, or even managed to receive Big Kmart before closure.

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