Kmart 4205

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Kmart #4205
Store number4205
LocationKmart Plaza
Address9484 Dyer Street
CityEl Paso, Texas
OpenedAugust 3, 1967
ClosedMarch 19, 2017
Retail floor area104,100 square feet (9,670 m2)
Next tenantDD's Discounts #5367, Ross Dress for Less #2077, Five Below #5053, and Burlington #1287 (store)
Pockets Billiards, Wings & Beer (auto center)
Coordinates31°52′48″N 106°25′11″W / 31.87987°N 106.41970°W / 31.87987; -106.41970Coordinates: 31°52′48″N 106°25′11″W / 31.87987°N 106.41970°W / 31.87987; -106.41970

Kmart #4205 was a Kmart discount department store located at Kmart Plaza, 9484 Dyer Street in El Paso, Texas.[1] The store opened on August 3, 1967 as one of the first two Kmarts in El Paso, one of three stores to open that day for a total of 197 Kmarts overall, and was tied for the 17th Kmart in Texas with Kmart 4201.[2] Between 1989 and 1995, the store would expand into the former Kmart Foods from a pre-1972 full-size model Kmart. In 1999, the store would be converted to Big Kmart.[3] The store ultimately closed on March 19, 2017.[4][5]

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