Kmart 4939

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Kmart #4939
Store number4939
Address2100 Niles Cortland Road Southeast
CityWarren, Ohio
OpenedAugust 14, 1995
ClosedApril 8, 2018
TypeSK 2R
Retail floor area185,445 square feet (17,228.4 m2)
Coordinates41°12′51″N 80°44′38″W / 41.214206°N 80.743853°W / 41.214206; -80.743853Coordinates: 41°12′51″N 80°44′38″W / 41.214206°N 80.743853°W / 41.214206; -80.743853

Kmart #4939 was a Super Kmart Center discount department store located at 2100 Niles Cortland Road Southeast in Warren, Ohio. The store opened August 14, 1995 and closed April 8, 2018. Was reported to be closing in April 2016, but this turned out to be incorrect. Was the last Super Kmart Center operating at the time it closed. The building was demolished in fall 2021 and a Meijer will be built.[1]

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